New recording! 

There's a helluva lot to report, there just is, and this time it's all good! I've been working on a new recording, putting together all the songs from my play "The Cyclone Line." Some have been recorded before, a few are new, all are recorded sparsely, adding only one instrument to my guitar and voice. When we did the play the first time, I was lucky enough to have the company of Mark Graham onstage, maestro of harmonica. He joined me on several cuts for this recording. Also joining me on the record is…

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The Cyclone Line 

It's been awhile, it certainly has.

Here's the deal; it turns out that taking care of a parent who has dementia is a tougher thing than anyone can realistically expect or prepare for, no matter what you hear. I recently heard a spokesman for the Libertarian platform defend his stand on abolishing Medicaid and privatizing Social Security by saying, "well, everyone I know would be proud and happy to take care of their loved ones when they get old."

He had no idea.

You can't do it alone, you can't leave them…

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Back to work. 

Well, here we are. Back at it; writing, teaching a lot, and playing more shows at last. I'm not alone. There are quite a few of us in the world of the performing songwriter who have had to take a little time away from the business in order to take care of family. There's no better reason, of course. What a privilege it is, to look after the people we love. What a massive, overwhelming, beautiful, transformational struggle it can be. And what a challenge it is to get back to writing and playing…

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New Duo CD! 


I'm excited to announce the release of the second Kat and Kate duo CD, LOST AND FOUND. It's available online now through Waterbug Records and at Kat and Kate's live concerts. A radio release is scheduled for April. In a few weeks, it will also be available for digital downloads on all of the regular sites.

Look for more detailed information on the Kate and Kat page at


New duo CD and concerts 

Welcome to 2011. 

How odd.  2011.. never saw that coming. 

It's shaping up to be a good one though, so far, Kate and I will be mixing and mastering our second duo recording This Very Month, with the help of our friends and fans who contributed to the cause through Kickstarter.  Thank you all so much! 

We have two lovely release concerts booked right now, one in Seattle March 12 hosted by the Seattle Folklore Society and one in Salt Lake City March 20.  The details to that one to follow shortly, check the…

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"In My Room" 

"In My Room" is a compilation CD featuring many wonderful songwriters and performers, each covering a favorite song composed by someone else. It's an inspired project... each performer recorded the chosen song acoustically, without extra production, as close to the intimate sound of the living room as possible - hence the title "In My Room." Spearheaded by actor/singer/writer D.C. Anderson, the recording features cuts from David Roth, Christine Lavin, Dakota Blonde, Mike Reid, Kristina Olsen, Sally…

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Female Vocal Album of the Year. 

Great news to start the new decade; "Speak" wins Female Vocal Album of the Year from LiveIreland.  "The Livies."

The other winners are terrific, and "Speak" is in great company.  I heard Christa Burch's album "Love of the Land" as it was recorded, being lucky enough to have sung backup for her on some of the songs.  I used to play with Matt and Shannon Heaton, I love their music and their great selves.  The David Munnelly Band and…

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But wait, there's more! 

Norm Mast & Al Kniola, hosts of The Back Porch on 88.1 WVPE, South Bend, IN., just posted their picks for 2009's top forty recordings.  "Speak" is on there, as well as Kate MacLeod's "Blooming," and a host of Waterbug Records recording artists like the Sons of the Never Wrong, Joel Mabus, Jonathan Byrd... Check out what's there!

So my 2009 release "Speak" is on this list as well as Matt Watroba's top ten, and made it to #17 on the folk dj playlist for September.  Also the duo of Kat…

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Top Ten 

So HERE'S are bit of exciting news; Matt Watroba put my newest cd "Speak" on his list of "top ten cds of 2009."  Go to to find Matt's terrific radio show.  The top ten lists are there, and he recently posted the one for 2009.  The guy is a lovely musician too, and very well-respected.  This is a real honor!

Don't miss Kat with Moe Dixon this Sunday at the Red Bike 

Hey all you Northwest people;

I just got back from the Kansas City Irish Festival where I had as much over-the-top fun singing with the David Munnelly band as I always do.  The festival was incredible.  I've never seen one that was better organized or more welcoming, and the music was wonderful!  

Now I'm gearing up for my annual Fall show on Vashon Island.  I try to do one there every year, always sharing the bill with someone I love who might not get out to the island very often.  This Sunday I get to…

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