We had a Waterbug Records showcase tonight in Evanston, at Bill's Blues. Kat Eggleston kicked it off and I've never seen her. She kicked so much ass she had to buy new shoes. I know it sounds silly and sexist to say that she plays guitar like a man, so I won't. She plays guitar like an army. She gets up underneath a song and bangs out a rhythm like a war drum, marching through with her soul on a flag--yours, too. I've never heard anything like it. Her fingers picked pieces of fiddle tunes while her thumb pounded like the line that turned back the Romans, screaming, naked Celts with certain death in their eyes, your or theirs, no matter. I ate dinner with her later and her eyes have the same sound. There's something fierce in there.” - Jonathan Byrd

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Many women and men on today's crowded acoustic scene deserve wider attention. Eggleston is one of them and more. Her clear, expressive voice, fine guitar playing, and sentimental but savvy sensibility combine to lift her above the crowd.” - David W. Johnson

— The Boston Globe

Kat Eggleston not only has the soul of a poet but the voice of an angel, not to mention that the lady can play a mean guitar.” - Dennis Palkow

— Chicago Tribune

Compelling, emotional artist who covers humorous and pained material effortlessly. Her music takes a refreshing angle en route to your heart.”

— Folk Roots

Singer-songwriter Kat Eggleston is blessed with an embarrassment of talents. Her voice is pure, emotive, and immediately recognizable; she is a virtuoso guitarist and hammer dulcimer player; and her songs blend vivid, often gripping, imagery with memorable lyrical melodies.” - Michael Parrish

— Dirty Linen

A good guitar player.” - Dave Pegg (bass player for Jethro Tull and Fairport Convention)
Eggleston's style is comparable to a modern day English minstrel. There's a lilt of the British Isles in her voice, but the songs convey contemporary womanly human emotions. Her lyrics are pictoral while her melodies are deliberate, but her voice is the masterpiece, a calm lake gliding through the sounds of each song. I can see her on those country roads going from town to town with her guitar on her back bringing her music to the hungry villages who yearn for good storytelling.¬†” - Rona Edwards

— Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

Female Vocal Album of the Year Kat Eggleston has given us a gem. The album is Speak and it is a masterpiece. She wrote almost all the music. Gorgeous. Her guitar playing is complex and beautiful, and the voice---perfect. This former singer for The David Munnelly Band and Bohola has played a blinder. Kat. Her guitar and her songs. Each time we listen we hear more. And, we listen more. An easy and spectacular choice.” - Bill Margeson

The Livies LiveIreland Music Awards 2010

Vocal Album of the Year--- "Kat's album "Speak" is so wonderful, this choice¬†was incredibly easy. A great album from a wonderfully talented woman. An artist in the true sense.”

— Chicago Irish-American News

Don't awaken me if I am dreaming that Kate and Kat, together, recorded this heavenly CD of traditional and original songs. Two expressive but distinctly different voices twine around their favorite songs, songs that have influenced their own compositions along with some of their original favorites. MacLeod's more ethereal voice weaves in and out of Eggleston's more earthy tones, while singing their way through seven songs. MacLeod plays guitar and violin, while Eggleston plays guitar and hammered dulcimer. They bow, hammer, pluck and pick their way through five instrumentals. The CD opens with their entwining, enticing harmonies singing "Good Ship in Order," a traditional amalgam of "I Will Put My Ship in Order" and "Silver Dagger." The title instrumental, composed by Eggleston, hauntingly follows. They sing MacLeod's original fishing song, "The Annual Menhaden," and the reflection on capitol punishment "Tom Egan" that tells of a man wrongly executed for a murder he did not commit back in 1882. They sing Eggleston's dark "Measure for Measure," and the brighter "Go to the Water." This rendition of the latter song is better than the one on Eggleston's own CD. Their a cappella version of the traditional "The Two Sisters" is a stunner. They chose a particularly beautiful variant to wrap their voices around.” - Rich Warren

— Sing Out! Magazine