Female Vocal Album of the Year.

Great news to start the new decade; "Speak" wins Female Vocal Album of the Year from LiveIreland.  "The Livies."  


The other winners are terrific, and "Speak" is in great company.  I heard Christa Burch's album "Love of the Land" as it was recorded, being lucky enough to have sung backup for her on some of the songs.  I used to play with Matt and Shannon Heaton, I love their music and their great selves.  The David Munnelly Band and Kieran Munnelly, just wonderful.

I hope everybody who reads this checks out the links to all of them.  I'm dying to hear the new David Munnelly Band recording, and Mick Maloney's, and Deirdre Scanlan, and all the others whether I'm familiar with them or not.  And LiveIreland itself is pretty amazing, I'll be spending a lot of time there.

Happy new decade, everyone.