But wait, there's more!

Norm Mast & Al Kniola, hosts of The Back Porch on 88.1 WVPE, South Bend, IN., just posted their picks for 2009's top forty recordings.  "Speak" is on there, as well as Kate MacLeod's "Blooming," and a host of Waterbug Records recording artists like the Sons of the Never Wrong, Joel Mabus, Jonathan Byrd...

www.waterbug.com Check out what's there!

So my 2009 release "Speak" is on this list as well as Matt Watroba's top ten, and made it to #17 on the folk dj playlist for September.  Also the duo of Kat Eggleston and Kate MacLeod got an official Folk Alley showcase at the Folk Alliance conference in Memphis Feb 17 - 20... coincidentally, 2/17 is also my birthday.  What a nice present.

Incidentally, it's also Michael Jordan's birthday, but he never sends a card.  And Marian Anderson's.  I'm proud of that, obscurely, having nothing directly to do with it except a glad accident of birth.  In any event, I'll be spending the day in Memphis... in the meantime.

There'll be a bunch of travelling for me and Kate in Texas then, and Shreveport LA, and Davis OK, then I go on to Chicago and Michigan.  Life is good. 

More to come...