From the recording One More Step (THE ONLY WORD)

During treatment for early stage breast cancer, there was no room to write anything, just this one song. It was a way of noticing what it was like to walk through something so dark and eventually coming through to the other side. Much as I avoided the "battle" word during treatment - it gets used at every turn for cancer, and I didn't like to think of myself as being at war with my own body - in this one instance it seemed like exactly the right word. More to describe the struggle with despair than with the disease itself.


So you walked like you'd never falter. So you moved like you still had faith.
Head down, and a turned up collar, through a string of long, hard days.
Walking through the darkest passage, though you saw no light ahead,
And your greatest act of courage was taking one more step.
So you raised your voice in sorrow, 'til you heard no other sound
Saw nothing but your own shadow, with your eyes turned toward the ground,
And when at last some kindness found you, then it was as though you had slept
And the crowd in the dark all around you were all taking one more step.
Oh, the warmest of standing water will someday come to freeze,
So you'll tell your sons and daughters how to live through times like these.
Tell them, when their hearts are frozen, to trust their feet instead,
When there is nothing left but motion, and taking one more step.
And when we find that we are laughing, and we are running in the sun, 
Then we'll know that we still are breathing and the long, dark night is done.
Finally resting from the battle, wondering where our feet have led,
Amazed at how we traveled by taking one more step.