From the recording Brian (Outside Eden)


I dreamed I saw Brian, on an endless field of something that could have been stainless steel
I knew I was dreaming. That's the only way that anyone alive sees Brian these days.
It was a good dream; we had a good talk, in a place like a moonlit parking lot
I'd left too much unsaid, and I've never learned to pray, 
But somehow, last night I think he heard me anyway.
This morning, I saw someone driving careless on the road;
Someone who's damn lucky, I wonder if he knows.
I heard someone singing, and a very young laugh;
A day among the living after Brian came back.
He floated like a paper doll with hardly any weight,
But still, I recognized him. Brian is always twenty-eight.
I could no more touch him than I could a ray of light,
But I finally got to say good-bye to Brian last night.
I dreamed I saw Brian.