Don't miss Kat with Moe Dixon this Sunday at the Red Bike

Hey all you Northwest people;

I just got back from the Kansas City Irish Festival where I had as much over-the-top fun singing with the David Munnelly band as I always do.  The festival was incredible.  I've never seen one that was better organized or more welcoming, and the music was wonderful!  

Now I'm gearing up for my annual Fall show on Vashon Island.  I try to do one there every year, always sharing the bill with someone I love who might not get out to the island very often.  This Sunday I get to play with the wonderful Moe Dixon!  I met Moe when we both played at the memorial concert for our beloved friend Tom Dundee at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago a few years back. Some of my best friends in the world now are people I met that night, people from the many circles of Tom's life who got together to sing his songs and tell stories.  Moe just blew me away with his performance of Tom's song "the Flame and the Smoke."  I couldn't believe I'd never heard him before.  Made a promise to myself to hear him LOTS more, to keep in touch with the wonderful guy, and to do some singing and playing with him sometime.

SO... this coming Sunday, Moe and I finally get to do a show together, at the Red Bicycle Bistro on Vashon Island;  The show is at 7:30 P.M. I love that place, and I love Moe...  Please join us! 

I have a new CD that I'm very proud of. I will of course have lots of them on hand.  Also copies of the CD recording of the concert where I met Moe--the tribute to Tom Dundee--and the partner recording to that one: a collection of songs from Tom's live shows over the many years of his performing career. 

Moe Dixon is more fun than a Jacuzzi full of Dom Perignon.  Do Not Miss This!*

*By the way, if any of you happen to have any first-hand experience with a Jacuzzi full of Dom Perignon, please don't share.  I'd like to keep the mystery alive, now that the thought has crossed my mind.