From the recording Everybody Knows (SPEAK)


Everybody knows life goes on
When the love that filled your days and dreams is gone
Everybody knows the time will come
When you’ll realize he’s not the only one
The strongest of us, now and then,
Has to learn to breathe again
As burns and bruises turn to memory.
Everybody knows
But me.
Everybody says “a heart grows strong
As winter lilacs bloom again in April sun.”
Everybody says “those seeds are sown
In a slow, steady, silent time alone.
This pain that holds you deaf and blind
That trips you up, time after time
Someday will lift again and let you see.”
Everybody says to me.
But the seasons, they have come and gone
I’ve seen the summer leaves come down
The months are moments.  Who sees where they go?
All thing take time. 
Everybody knows that it will go;
This sorrow, clinging to my heels like a shadow
Everybody knows, but even so
No matter where I turn, it always seems to follow
And all their words are so much noise
I still can only hear one voice
And pray that it will someday set me free
As everybody knows
Everybody knows
Everybody knows but me.