"In My Room"

"In My Room" is a compilation CD featuring many wonderful songwriters and performers, each covering a favorite song composed by someone else. It's an inspired project... each performer recorded the chosen song acoustically, without extra production, as close to the intimate sound of the living room as possible - hence the title "In My Room." Spearheaded by actor/singer/writer D.C. Anderson, the recording features cuts from David Roth, Christine Lavin, Dakota Blonde, Mike Reid, Kristina Olsen, Sally Fingerett, Catie Curtis... many others. I chose to record "How Can I Tell You," a song by Cat Stevens that I've put through countless arrangements since I first started playing an instrument. Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam is still one of the world's true, authentic, compassionate artists, my earliest and most lasting musical inspiration. The sales of this CD will benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Release date: April 13, 2010. Visit the website to see the full list of people involved, keep up with the news, and look at the beautiful paintings created especially for this CD by Oregon artist Shannon Richardson. www.inmyroomontheweb.com