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Kat Eggleston: Music

Go To The Water (Outside Eden)

(Kat Eggleston)
Kat Eggleston



Go to the water, walk down slow,

 Where the rock is battered, the branch hangs low

 Where the sea is rough, the sun burns hotter

 To know love, go to the water.


 You walked through the garden in the early Spring,

 Where the wild blossom was a growing thing

 You pressed that flower in your favorite book,

 Where it kept its color, but never bore fruit.


 Nothing so smooth as the side of a thorn

 Nothing so calm as the eye of a storm

 To young love, nothing so sweet

 As the sound of a promise no-one could keep.


 It laughs and shouts where it touches land

 It holds the world like a loving hand

 It’s a bed of pearls on a moonlit night

 Full of life, no end in sight.