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Kat Eggleston: Guestbook

Karla Armstrong

January 14, 2017

Please come back to Illinois :) we'll host you!!!!

Steve Fulton

October 24, 2016

Open Mike nights at the Point Defiance Cafe 1988. I still hear the music in my head. I still sing Rose Tatoo. Thank you so much, you gave music to me when I needed it the most. Health and happiness to you.

Julie Conley

May 4, 2015

Saw you on Vashon in November for the first time. You introduced me to Utah Phillip's song Orphan Train. I went home singing this song and my younger daughter grabbed this story as her National History Day project. This weekend she placed 2nd in WA in the historical paper category and as a result will be attending National History Day in College Park, MD next month. Thanks for the inspiration!

Judy C.

March 21, 2015

Hi Kat - Went to "SPACE" in Evanston last night and heard the "Sons of the Never Wrong." Been following them for 22 years -- about as long as I've known you. my son, the Hog-Eye kid, bought me tickets to this concert for my birthday ( won't say which one.) I spoke to Sue afterward and she told me you are well and happy. I am thrilled for you as I have thought of you so many times since you left this area. Just wanted to tell you that I am still playing and miss your teaching so much. Keep in touch if you can. Love to you. Be well -- Judy

Lori Curtis

March 15, 2015

Hi Kat,
I've never heard you sing or play the guitar (my loss) but I'm a first cousin of yours. Matt and I are just a few months apart in age and I remember him. My husband and I live in Mission Viejo, California. My dad was Bob Eggleston. Is your dad still living? If so tell him hi. I miss my dad so much.

Lynne West Moreno

March 5, 2015

Hey Kat, Glad to hear you are getting back on the road. Any chance that might mean a concert schedule anywhere in California? There is a great small stage in Winters California, just 15 minutes from me(Davis CA). Should would love to get a chance to see you in California although I would try really hard to get to any concert in California. Just let me know of a time and date. Miss you tons. Lynne

Carla Decrona

March 3, 2015

Experiencing your fantastic musical talent and presence, which includes your charming, warm personal energy and that perky smile, is on my list of The Five Best Things on Vashon Island.

Dawn Cobiskey

March 3, 2015

Cheers My dear friend,

Debbie Chapman

March 2, 2015

Love that your still signing.

Kathryn Thibeaux

March 2, 2015

So very happy that you will be getting out and about again! I've missed you, but know you've been taking care of your personal priorities! Welcome back! If I can host you in Vermont in the summer, let me know! Love & Hugs!


March 2, 2015

hi!!!!! hope that all is well with you! miss you bunches!

Michael Huber

April 30, 2014

Just checking in with you, hoping you are doing well. Good memories of lessons with you.

Elise Morrill

June 29, 2013

Your performance last night was truly amazing! All of last nights women singer/songwriters were amazing.
Thank you Kat for sharing your gift with us.

Shawn Bakh

July 6, 2012

I was impressed to listen to your beautiful voice and nice guitar playing.Not many people know your lovely songs in Korea unfortunately.God Bless you

Stephen Talley

March 31, 2012

Kat ... Love your lyrics / Vocal and guitar work. Great stuff. My friend Debbie Alley on FB had a link to you, so I check it out. Nice Web Site, need to work on mine

Lesa Weller

January 21, 2012

Love your music, your voice, everything about this soundtrack. Can't afford to buy it now, but will definitely pass on your link! Thanks for all the hard work. Lesa

Diana Paige

January 18, 2012

So wonderful to hear your songs and meet you in Cumberland, BC.
Hope to see you again down the track.

Alpha Stewart Jr

December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays! Keep up the good work.


Alisha Sufit

August 18, 2011

Your exquisite music is an inspiration, and a continuation of a deep and meaningful tradition.


August 14, 2011

I have been a fan since I first heard you riding the Bainbridge Island ferry back in the early '80s as the Ferryboat Musicians

Andy Bytheway

August 3, 2011

Hi Kat,

I see others in your guest book, like me, heard you with Steve Guthe on the Ferries in the late 80's. Wow - I was completely knocked out by your voice, your command of the music, and by your technique on the dulcimer. At that time I was in Seattle for just one week, and I think I heard you and Steve only twice. When I returned to Seattle with my family some years later, telling them about your music, I looked for you in vain.

Worse, the cassette ("Overboard!") that I bought on the first trip was subsequently lost. I have moved many times since then, ending up in South Africa. I had long since given up hope of ever hearing your music again but - joy of joy! - I found the cassette yesterday at the bottom of a box under my desk (is it now 25 years later?). It is playing as I type this. I am so happy, and so relieved.

I want you to know that your music has never been forgotten, and I am delighted to find that you are still singing. If you have any intention to come to South Africa, you are assured of a warm welcome and whatever support we can provide.


Kieran Munnelly

June 12, 2011

Hey Kat! so great to see ur website! hope to run in to you soon! :)
much love

Chris Holtom

May 26, 2011

Kat, I found you when looking for versions of I live not where I love and got curious that I had not heard someone who sings so clearly and plays such fantastic guitar. Any chance of a UK tour soon?

Janet Skidmore

May 11, 2011

Any chance for a Kat Eggleston songbook anytime soon?

Kat Sutton

April 6, 2011

We are cousins. i have not spoken to you since the summer of 1974. i spaent time with you and Matt as well as Uncle Al and Aunt Ruth. I would love to catch up if you are interested. My daughter loves your music as much as I do.

Gene Bauer

March 15, 2011

Great Music and Writing. Look forward to seeing you live in Florida. Sarasota Songwriters Fest

Mike Dumovich (elder)

January 14, 2011

Great show tonight. Love the bass end of your 6 - open tunings.
Coffee on Vashon?

Louis-Charles Vigneau

November 15, 2010

Hi Kat,
I hope you're well! Do you still use the sun flower guitar strap ?

Paul (DP) Johnson

July 31, 2010

Kat, I've been a fan since 1988 when I saw you perform on a ferry boat while I was traveling the country with my brother. I bought several of your cassettes (yes, cassettes) and the songs have have stayed with me all these years. I hope you will come play Charlottesville, VA. I will do my part to bring a crowd to hear you. Sincerely, Paul

Scott Earnest

July 8, 2010

I heard today,for the first time, a recording of "One" from your "Speak" album. The song is both beautiful and disturbing,like a kiss from a ghost;warm and cool...

casey Perkins

June 1, 2010

I stumbled upon your albums while browsing at the public library, and ended up checking out all of them within a week. Your music is beautiful and you have a new fan!

Deb Stokes

May 23, 2010

Saw you in Utah several years ago, and again last night at the Sebastian Inlet Park in Florida. We spoke about a possible house concert. We feel so lucky to have been able to see you perform again. We are definitely adoring fans! We'll stay in touch...
Deb and Tom Stokes

David McRoberts

May 7, 2010

Waiting to see if I survive my first computer I'm going to write.
I had been looking at Bayfield,Wis. for 25 years on a map. I finally went up there 11 years ago and noticed that I was home. I still am.
This note was inspired by your "dream". And I've been walking, moving to music. Amazing Grace and Would You Go Home keep coming up 0n THE WATERBUG ANTHOLOGY
Good luck Kat from Port Wing,Wis
by way of the Ohio River

Phil and Vicki Baggette

April 25, 2010

Hi Kat:
We were at the old Boat House in Seattle last night (2nd row, on your left). We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in your company and that of your friends. We bought your new CD and the remix of Ferryboat Singers. So I got to listen to "Lovely Agnes" when I got home, and Phil got to listen to "Show" from the Only Word Album. We love your new album, "Speak". We've had it all going on all morning too. You are so gifted. Thanks for sharing with us!!
Phil and Vicki

Kate and Margie Hess

March 18, 2010

Hi Kat, My Mom and I went to RC Mulligans yesterday. Mom ( Margie) is always in hopes of seeing you there. Gus has been gone several years now and bringing her to their old haunts helps her to relive the grand times they had together. You are a special part of that as they had always enjoyed their times watching, listening and visiting with you. We picked up an Irish Times and Mom just called reading me a wonderful review of you and your new album (CD)( Man am I old!!) Speak. I'd like to secure a copy of it for an Easter Treat for her CDBaby wbsite is currently out of stock...I can download it for her on her IPOD, but her cell phone confuses her, there's no way I could put anipod in her hands!!!! ( I can only say that 'cos I love her dearly), my quest dear Kat, where can I purchase your CD Speak?... I hope allis well for you in Kansas and look forward to hearing from you.... Kate

Karen Tamm

March 13, 2010

March 14, 2010
Kat, I knew back in high school that you were an extremely talented person, but was more than pleased to hear you now. If I had the power, a resounding yes!

fermin mendoza

March 2, 2010

Hi! Im going to try and surprise my wife by bring her to hear you she became a fan and she loves to sing your songs by the way I turned her on to you Im the guy that drew a sm sketch of you in a wheaton coffee house and my daughter wanted you to see the drawing and you asked me to give it to you I believe you asked me to sign it so antway hope to make to one of the two ILL. 4ds4jmperformances may g4ds4jmod 4keep you safe in all your travels


January 21, 2010

I just heard "Everybody Knows" on XM 15 today and it touched me very deeply as I am in the middle of a rather painful divorce. Thank you for your music! I love it and hope to be at your show in Deerfield on March 6th!

Chelsea Cockson

January 20, 2010

You have no clue how happy I was to find you!!! I met you in Omaha, NE at a house concert when I was like 14 or 15 years old, and I was blown away by your music. I wish you and others would head to the Midwest again!!!!!

Jeff Stave

January 18, 2010

The Website looks great!

Holly Morrison

January 8, 2010

Hey, there! Listening to the Livies broadcast right now & feeling awfully proud to share the island connection with you. I live and farm in Maine now, but we've a wee house full of ballad books, bagpipes and the like. If you ever come up and over this way, there are a lot of Old Song (and new song!) lovers in our neck of the woods!

Brandee Gardiner

January 5, 2010

Kat, I helped Judy clean your home and just moved to Vernon Hills Il. My daughter was taking piano with Elizabeth Nye on the Island and I know you lived in Chi for some time. Your a very talented artist and was wondering if you have any recommendations for piano or guitar in Chi northwest suburbs? Would love any feedback...missing the Island!! Thanks so much, Brandee Gardiner

Marilyn Kleyn & Steve Austin

January 2, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are an amazing artist and we are thrilled you are being recognized!

Kristine Marsh

December 29, 2009

Beautiful. I know of what you speak.

Mark Filler

December 14, 2009

My wife Connie Slabaugh and I both really enjoyed your set at the ancient Victorys open mic last week. I know we have met before but never really talked. I played with Tim McKsmey for years but mostly do jazz and Brazilian music now, as well as sometimes playing with Eva Tree a wonderful singer/songwriter. Connie owns and operates Constantinople on Vashon, me if you ever need a percussionist!

Finn BJerke

December 5, 2009

I love your guitarplaying also you are one hell of a songwriter. trad plus something new, very nice..

douglas mumaw

December 3, 2009

love the new is so very much like you...I don't mean you are all crumply like the paper or is all nice and approachable and still containing genius.

Tony B

November 23, 2009

love the new page,cant wait to hear the new recording and see you soon.

Chris Anderson

November 21, 2009

Best wishes for the upcoming holidays, it was great saying hello again, though a bit strained, it was nice to see ya.
Be well, of good cheer, do good work and stay out of jail for goodness sake.

Susan Shore

November 15, 2009

Kitty! Love your new website. I miss you and your sparkle. Can't wait to see and hear you when you return to our Not-So-Deep South. xo Susan


October 31, 2009


Ralph and Leslie Woods

October 25, 2009

It was great seeing you at the Yardarm last week, and we LOVE Speak. It's the best ever. Be well, and safe travels.

diane ansel and brian tobin and measure for m

October 18, 2009

Hi nice look here!
missed you at space etc was verve regatta weekend back then- hugs anyway and allways. a workshops' poet needs lyrics and it's only human- to send you words..

Jerry Cooke

October 17, 2009

Love the root, love the vine!

Jerry in Columbia, SC

frank mclaughlin

October 12, 2009

Hi Kat, I am sure you'll never remember me , but it was in Buffalo at Johm Culliton Mahoney's Pub in south Buffalo, I asked you if you could play the Scottish ballad Annachie Gordon, which you did , I was stunned at the beauty of your voice and style, still am, I still play and right, I recently did at show in Maine you can see my photo at Check out my son on myspacehe goes by Jacob Augustine, a great writer in his own right. I was just playing your tape, First warm Wind, and even play Dark Side of The Moon , been turning folks onto you for years hope it resulted in some sales for you, Take care , Frank

Lynne Moreno

September 10, 2009

I am so glad your site is up and running again. It looks great! Do you ever do concerts in Northern California? I am north of San Francisco and west of Sacramento. I would really love to see you in concert someday.

Glenn Hodshire

August 31, 2009

Glad I found you again.. I hope to get to the Downers grove concert.

Jeremy Friedman

August 16, 2009

Kat, miss you something fierce out here on the east coast, and am thrilled to be able to get my hands on a copy of Speak (just like I was thrilled, at 7 years old, to count First Warm Wind among my first CASSETTE TAPES).

How can we tempt you out to NYC for a show?

Love always, and be well!

David Wilford

August 14, 2009

Great to see you have a new site up, and am looking foward to seeing you and Kate MacLeod in Chicago this fall!

William Karnoscak

August 3, 2009

Just saw your show at Space in Evanston, IL last night. It was inspirational, bar none! And I hope you realize it didn't take your leaving Chicago to let you know how much you'd be missed.

William (Friend of Ria)

p.s. Thanks for the "Rain."

Iain MacVicar

August 1, 2009

Kat, you are awesome. You are, like, one of the greatest singers, guitar players and song writers that ever kicked up dust on this planet. And you're cute too. Your new CD, SPEAK, is an instant classic. I hope to catch your show the next time you're in Whitehorse.

Merv Collins

August 1, 2009

Hi Kat.. love the new website. Looking forward to seeing you again and buying and enjoying listening to the new CD! Congratulations Kat!!

Blair Hull

August 1, 2009

I am just so sorry I am going to miss you tomorrow night - I will be on my way to Atlanta - many blessings and I will see you next year!

Larry Murante

August 1, 2009

Hey Kat, The new site looks rad. Congrats!

Norm Siegel

August 1, 2009

Can't make SPACE 8/2 to see you. Missing you like mad!


John McClure

August 1, 2009

What a cool website!
(As it should be for such a great player and writer.) All my best wishes....

Diane Schulstad

July 31, 2009

Seeing as I've been an adoring fan since 1984, if you only count this lifetime, I think I should sign in on this site to tell you it DOES look more like you, and that I am eagerly anticipating hearing the new CD.